Photoshop Alternatives

Ive been an avid user of Adobe's graphic tools since I was a 4th former, my (forced) love of the programme started when, in art class, my teacher Mr Harris noticed that at the bottom of all our still life drawings, I (and my friends Raymond and Jay) was drawing ninja's and cartoons, he asked us one day after class "If I started a design class, would you boys be interested in attending it?" A class where we could draw ninjas rather then apples and other boring fruit? hells yes!

5th Form design, was very basic, very little design princible, but loads and loads of playing around with software id never used.
Coral Draw was a favourite of Mr Harris, but in reality a terrible tool for any young budding designer to learn, photoshop 6 got a fair amount of use, and later on in the year so did MX Fireworks, Flash and Dreamweaver (very similar tool layout) All programes had superior tools to anything else we tried, and in the next three years I learnt alot about them and the replacment installments.

A few problems come to light very quickly with Macromedia and Adobe tools, the first is the overall size of the programes, with that comes long winded startup, slow scanning, saving etc, also they drain alot of your PC's resources, not too handy with your home PC. Another problem is the overall layout, to use the tools well you really need a dual monitor set up, or a widescreen, having your tools set up in widgets around the screen is not the easiest way to deal with the problem of space with one screen, and neither company has tried hard to rectify the problem.

Click to enlarge – flickR

Today I came across this, A unbloated, tidy, tool filled and most importantly FREE DTP for images, called PaintdotNET

" After working with Microsoft, Paint.Net has served up some major "upgrade's" to your built in "Paint" program.
(Don't bother to Google "Paint.Net" You'll get a site that will sell you paint for your walls.) "Glassy" effects? You're covered! "Brushed Metal"? Yep! Layer support? Oooooh, yeah! AND, MUCH MORE!
You are going to like what you see!

Check out the forums. There are some really good tutorials there.

Finally! A freeware way to create DesktopX images! Really. Check it out. Oh, do you use Stardock's Icon Developer? Paint.Net works seamlessly with this program! It add's features that were previously available only with expensive "paid" graphics programs."

Ive been playing with it today, and I'm really enjoying it (enough to put photoshop away in storage on my external drive) Its a much more userfriendly interface (I've learnt alot of the differences in tools in the short time I've been playing)

Looks like the now merged Adobe and Macromedia have some decent competition, and it costs nothing, knowing my luck its just a matter of time before MS screw it up though, give it a whirl tell me what you think 🙂


6 Responses to “Photoshop Alternatives”

  1. 2 elevate October 3, 2006 at 10:08 pm

    I want to start learning some design principals and I am really not liking The GIMP. This could be because I am new to it but I really love photoshop, I’m pretty sure it’ll run in WINE I’ll try tomorow night. Commenting on an old thread I know but I came across it somehow!

  2. 3 halcyon October 4, 2006 at 8:11 am

    im currently using the GIMP, im also not used to it, expect a post on it around midday today where I list my problems with the programe.

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