+on Blog moved

Hey, wordpress doesn’t want to allow me to redirect my blog, so I’m telling you all manually that any further updates, and all the old stuff can now be found at http://www.tamati.blundells.co.nz

bookmark it, read it, enjoy.


+on Trivial things…

statistical reminder of a world that doesn’t care

My hair has been cut, so I now look semi respectable.
I’ll probably even make an effort to keep it tidy from now on.
Haven’t been for a decent roll on my skateboard in a good month, i’ll probably twist mike dee’s arm into going for a skate by making him watch Layout’s DVD.

Speaking of things I haven’t done, I haven’t taken my car for a spin in over two week’s, living without a car sucks balls! I didn’t realise how dependent I’ve become on it, in two weeks I’ve been to the supermarket once, and there were 5 of us in a shitty little suzuki swift, so I didn’t buy big… in short, I’ve eaten alot of Chinese these past two weeks.

Golf GTI

Car didn’t go to the mechanic before Easter as I’d planned, but its going in this week, hopefully I can afford to get it roadworthy once more.
Riki is looking into making a custom silver paint for it (mixing left over silvers from other cars together) it will be one of a kind, and cheap!

  • Just ordered The last samurai with my excess smile city points, will tell you all how that go’s, and my views on whether the site is really worthwhile using.
  • You may have noticed less link’s at the top of the blog, I’m starting to streamline my blog/ getting rid of pages I really haven’t been updating
  • Finally it looks like my blog may get hosted! otherwise through blundells.com or at mike d’s new domain.


What if you were really hungry and bought a watermelon. But when you get home and cut open the watermelon it’s full of solid gold?
Also, your eyes are diamonds in this story!

+on Stepping up

All comments will now pass through me or two other (trusted) administrators from various other blog’s.
The amount of trolling i’ve been receiving, especially on some older touchier post’s has gotten a bit much, and I warned this would happen. Continue reading ‘+on Stepping up’

+on Apparently Im a Tiger

I was recently told by a person who, I have been very fortunate (for the sake of my own sanity) to chat too in recent months, that I am a (Fire) Tiger on the Chinese zodiac. She gave me this blurb to read over. Continue reading ‘+on Apparently Im a Tiger’

+on movie’s

Picked up a couple of cheap DVD’s, “Lord Of War” which is nothing less than a work of art, I saw the start sequence while helping out on project ixnay, and based on that alone, knew I had to go out and buy it. Continue reading ‘+on movie’s’

+on dirkninggg….|!

We painted a single wall at box hill in Khandalah, then the weather looked like it was going to pack it in, so we done what any good tradesmen would do… went home and drank until the early hour’s of the morning.

I woke up on a tiny couch, with a cat meowing Continue reading ‘+on dirkninggg….|!’